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March 26-28 2018

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Healthy from the Start
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Logo Policies & Guidelines

The National Healthy Start Association (NHSA) has created logos to represent and grow the organization and the Infant Mortality Awareness campaign, Celebrate Day 366…every baby deserves a chance. We ask that all parties intending to use the logos 1) Review the guidelines for logo appearance and usage, outlined here, and 2) Request written permission from NHSA for use of any of its logos.

NHSA Logo Fonts and Color Palette


Primary - Barmeno

Secondary - Helvetica

Color Palette

Full color:


Pantone 511 C
Hex #60244E
RGB 96, 36, 78


Pantone 158 C
HEX #E96B10
RGB 233, 107, 16


Black - 100% black
Gray -  50% black

Complementary Font

We recommend use of Arial Narrow font as the complementary font to the NHSA logo.

Infant Mortality Awareness Campaign Logo Fonts and Color Palette


Franklin Gothic Condensed
Book, Demi, & Bold

Book, Italic, Bold, Bold/Italic

Script Pro


Color Palette

Full Color:


Hex #3399CC
RGB - 51, 153, 204

Dark Blue

Hex #003366
RGB - 0, 51, 102


Hex #FFCC33
RGB – 255, 204, 51


Hex #CC0000
RGB – 204, 0, 0

Logo Sizes

Sizing changes always need to maintain the original proportions for each logo. Any increase in size should in no way distort the text, images, or design.

The NHSA logo should never be smaller than height 0.87 inches by width 2.1 inches.

The Infant Mortality Awareness Campaign logo should never be smaller than height 1.75 inches by width 2.27 inches.


Improper Logo and Design Usage

Never stray from the color palette.

Use the color palette provided when using the logo. Sometimes, often due to production costs, only one color of ink is available and the NHSA Logo must be reproduced using only one color. In this scenario, the logo, logotype, or symbol must be used following the convention of using a light color type on a dark background or in a dark color type on a light background. The logotype and/or symbol outline must be clearly distinguishable from the background color. You must honor the NHSA Logo palette when possible, using black or white if necessary.

Never switch the colors.

The colors provided in each logo are intended to be used as such. Any modification of the colors or switching of colors used in the logo is prohibited.

Never use the design on similarly-colored backgrounds.

The logotype and/or symbol outline must be clearly distinguishable from the background color.

Never rearrange elements of the design.

Do not change spacing, alignment, or relative locations of the design elements. No single element from the design should be moved or used independently of the whole design.

Never stretch or distort the logos.

Do not change the proportions of any of the design elements or the design itself. You may resize as needed but must retain all proportions.


Request to use a logo

All requests to use a logo that belongs to NHSA should be directed via email to info@nationalhealthystart.org. Requests should include organization requesting the use, description and purpose for logo usage, a sample of material or product logo will be used for, and a timeline for when approval is needed.

The National Healthy Start Association reserves the right to deny any use of its logos, images or organizational name for any reason.

Please contact NHSA staff with any questions regarding logo use at info@nationalhealthystart.org or 202-296-2195.

The National Healthy Start Association Inc.
1325 G Street, NW Suite 500
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: (202) 296-2195 
Contact via E-Mail

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