About Us

Our Beginnings

The National Healthy Start Association (NHSA) was formally established in the State of Maryland in 1999 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The project directors of the original federally-funded Healthy Start projects established NHSA to ensure the sustainability of the Healthy Start program and to provide continued advocacy, support and technical assistance as the program grew from the original 22 projects to almost 100 projects.

NHSA worked with federal partners, other MCH and community-based advocates and Congressional champions to secure federal authorization that secured continued Healthy Start funding beyond the demonstration period.

NHSA's Mission and Vision

  • Mission: To be our nation’s voice in providing leadership and advocacy for health equity, services and interventions that improve birth outcomes and family well-being.
  • Vision statement: The NHSA is a recognized leader in and advocate for reducing infant mortality and perinatal disparities and the hub for maternal and child health programs and services.

NHSA is...

  • A dynamic force in the maternal and child health field and is a staunch supporter of adding “the ‘F’ in MCH” to recognize the need for strong fatherhood programming at the project and national level.
  • A leader in providing education, training and technical assistance to the Healthy Start projects.
  • An advocate for Healthy Start, mothers, babies, fathers, families and communities on Capitol Hill, educating our Members of Congress on the need for adequate funding for the program.

NHSA carries out our mission and vision to be a leader in reducing infant and maternal mortality and to eradicate racial and ethnic health disparities.

NHSA's Strategic Plan 2019-2024

Registration is open for NHSA’s 2024 Summit on Fatherhood & the Health & Wellness of Boys & Men, March 18 & 19, in New Orleans.