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Currently, there are two Additional Job Opportunities to show here!

1. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)

Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB)

Director, Division of Services for Children with Special Healthcare Needs (DSCSHN)

The vacancy listed below is for the Director for MCHB’s Division of Services for Children with Special Healthcare Needs.  As a senior leader within MCHB, the incumbent will provide overall direction for the Division, which provides national leadership in planning, directing, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating national programs that focus on programs serving children, youth, and adults with special health needs and their families.  Based on your eligibility, please apply to the appropriate link below.  The deadline for applications is 1/31/2022.

Director, Division of Services for Children with Special Healthcare Needs

  • Exercises full authority in planning, managing and directing the national programs for which DSCSHN is responsible.
  • Directs an interdisciplinary group of health professionals and technical specialists who have expertise in such areas as genetics, nursing, public health, and social work.
  • Reviews, analyzes and develops program plans, legislative proposals relating to genetics and children with special healthcare needs.
  • Serves as the central point of accountability for grant programs relating to all Division responsibilities.
  • Analyzes financial, personnel, grants, and contract resources requirements for the DSCSHN.

Please note that this position will be remote with travel to Rockville 2 days a month.


If you are a physician, click here to apply.

If you are internal to the federal government, click here to apply.

If you are outside of the federal government, click here to apply.

2. Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance is seeking a Policy Director.

Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance (MMHLA) is a small but powerful nonpartisan 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the mental health of pregnant and postpartum people with a focus on national policy and health equity. MMHLA advocates for improved maternal mental health (MMH) care and serves as a clearinghouse of information related to MMH. MMHLA’s work is grounded in advancing health equity. We advocate for national programs, policies, and practices that address health disparities with the goal of equity in MMH; we focus on initiatives that specifically address racial and economic inequities; and we strive to ensure that all women and childbearing people are routinely educated about and screened for MMH conditions and have access to quality care. Why are we so passionate about MMH conditions? Because…

• MMH conditions are the MOST COMMON complication of pregnancy and childbirth, affecting at least 1 in 5 pregnant or postpartum people (800,000 families each year in the United States).
• suicide and overdose combined are the leading cause of death for new mothers in the first year following pregnancy.
• untreated MMH conditions cost our country $14 billion each year in addressing poor health outcomes and accounting for lost wages and productivity.
• all new parents and their infants deserve the best start possible. MMHLA is seeking a Policy Director to help us achieve our vision of universal and equitable education, prevention, screening, and treatment for mental health conditions during pregnancy and year following pregnancy.

The Policy Director will be our primary point of contact and spokesperson with policymakers, including Congress and federal agencies, and will be charged with building our presence in national coalitions. The Policy Director will report to the Executive Director and will take the lead in shaping and implementing MMHLA’s federal policy agenda. This position is based in the Washington DC metro area.


• Minimum 5 years working directly in policy advocacy and/or policy making.
• Bachelor’s degree or commensurate work experience.
• Sophisticated technical, strategic, and relationship understandings about how policy gets made through legislation, appropriations, and administrative / regulatory action.
• Thorough knowledge and grasp of systems change and the ability to identify and orchestrate the levers of change.
• An understanding of the forces that create systemic inequities and systemic racism.
• Ability to build and share power with BIPOC advocates and policy leaders, individuals with lived experience, and community organizations.
• Strong existing relationships with Congressional offices, patient or non-profit advocacy, mental health, or maternal health experience or knowledge a plus.
• High political acumen, professional demeanor, excellent interpersonal relations, top-notch verbal and written communication skills, sound judgment, and the ability to make complex multidimensional decisions based on both facts and experience.
• Ability to think strategically and implement tactically; self-motivate and self-direct; work with a virtual team.

Shaping Policy: Interacting with Congress and Federal Agencies:
• Serve as MMHLA’s expert and point of contact for knowledge and insight about the federal MMH legislative, policy, and regulatory landscape.
• Build and maintain strong bipartisan relationships with members of Congress and key staff, including the following committees and caucuses: House/Senate Appropriations, Senate Finance and HELP, House Energy & Commerce, Maternity Care Caucus, Black Maternal Health Caucus, and Mental Health Caucus.
• Build and maintain strong relationships with key federal agencies, including HRSA and SAMHSA.
• Lead the process of developing MMHLA’s annual policy agenda by working with MMHLA’s Policy Committee, external lobbying firm, and other organizations that impact MMHLA’s work.
• Develop and execute strategies to advance MMHLA’s policy priorities, including organizing annual Advocacy Day and Congressional briefing, and preparing written communications to Congressional and federal agency leadership.
• Identify opportunities and lead advocacy efforts for addressing inequities for people experiencing MMH conditions through policy change via federal legislation, appropriations, and regulatory activities.
• Oversee timely monitoring and analysis of emerging and existing federal legislation, regulation, and activities that will affect MMHLA and those impacted by MMH conditions. Shaping Policy: Interacting With Congress and Federal Agencies

Building Partnerships, Working With Coalitions, and Providing Education:
• Represent MMHLA in coalitions that address maternal-child health, mental health, and MMH.
• Play a leadership role in coalitions and collaborations with partners on policy issues.
• Cultivate both traditional and non-traditional alliances to advance shared goals with a specific focus on building and strengthening relationships with organizations representing BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.
• Provide guidance to advocacy colleagues to leverage grassroots and grasstops advocates.
• Frame issues and craft messages to highlight MMHLA’s positions and the voice of those with lived MMH experience
• Provide issue education about MMH conditions.

Exempt Position With Flexible Hours:
30-40 hours per week
Salary: $90,000 to $120,000
Benefits: Healthcare, 401(k), 2 weeks paid vacation.
Learn more about MMHLA at
Submit cover letter and resume to by January 31, 2022.

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