As NHSA has news and updates to share, we’ll post them here (see below). We’ll also post articles and other news from the Healthy Start projects. (The initial articles represent three eras of Healthy Start. Members: send your news and updates to NHSA’s webmaster for publication.)

July 2021: NHSA awarded two Maribeth Badura Healthy Start Scholarships. Read all about it in the August Newsletter.

July 2021: Have you seen NHSA’s four new publications? They are:

Fatherhood Fact Sheet

Maternal Health Fact Sheet

Community and Partner Engagement: A Guide to Support Healthy Start Community Action Networks

Recruitment and Retention: An Action Guide for Fatherhood Programs


September is Officially “NIMAM!”

NHSA Proclaims September as National Infant Mortality Awareness Month On September 1, 2022, NHSA issued a Proclamation declaring that September is officially National Infant Mortality Awareness Month (NIMAM). Go to the Celebrate Day 366 page to read it! NIMAM Media Release

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NHSA on Twitter Spaces: Breastfeeding

NHSA recently held two Twitter Spaces on breastfeeding. Twitter Spaces allows for live audio conversations on Twitter. Catch them here: August 5, 2022: The Golden Hour: Reflections on Breastfeeding from a Doula August 12, 2022: Beyond the Golden Hour: Breastfeeding Support & Encouragement What people said about NHSA’s Twitter Spaces on breastfeeding: Delta Health Partners… View Article

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June 2022: Op-Ed, To Improve Maternal Health

To Improve Maternal Health, We Must Depoliticize Racial Equity 

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Cleveland MomsFirst “Original 15” Project

Founded in 1991, the Cleveland MomsFirst Project is one of the original 15 Healthy Start sites. MomsFirst targets African American women in Cleveland’s most impoverished neighborhoods, with special efforts to reach adolescents, as well as homeless, substance abusing or incarcerated women.

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Missouri Bootheel Healthy Start Replication Phase Project

The Missouri Bootheel Healthy Start (MBHS) is located in Sikeston, Missouri, and is considered a “rural” project with a five-county service region. MBHS’s grantee is the Missouri Bootheel Regional Consortium, Inc. (MBRC), a non-profit entity.

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UH Houston Healthy Start 2019 New Project

The University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work is the grantee for the Healthy Start project in Houston. Led by Associate Professor, Dr. McClain Sampson, the UH Healthy Start Initiative is the largest program in Houston designed to explicitly address these longstanding perinatal health disparities.

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Check out these recently released documents from NHSA: Infant & Maternal Loss: A Toolkit for Grieving Fathers and Maternal Monologues.