NHSA on Twitter Spaces: Breastfeeding

NHSA recently held two Twitter Spaces on breastfeeding. Twitter Spaces allows for live audio conversations on Twitter. Catch them here:

August 5, 2022: The Golden Hour: Reflections on Breastfeeding from a Doula

August 12, 2022: Beyond the Golden Hour: Breastfeeding Support & Encouragement

What people said about NHSA’s Twitter Spaces on breastfeeding:

Delta Health Partners Healthy Start Initiative, Tougaloo College, Marks, MS

Amarachi: “In my culture from where I come from, that’s what you do to feed your baby so that they are healthy, smart, strong, and avoid diseases.”

April: “ I want my babies to be smart so I give them the best nutrition.”

Renee: “I’m afraid not to breastfeed, I don’t want to worry about finding formula.”

Tabbitha: “I want the best for my baby.”

Jefferson Parrish Healthy Start, Crescent City Family Services, Gretna, LA

Liza: “I chose to breastfeed because I know it is best for my child and I can make it naturally and readily available as needed.”

Judith: “I chose to breastfeed because breastmilk is the best milk. I wanted the healthiest and most natural option for my baby, as well as building a beautiful bond with my baby”-

Anonymous:I became interested in breastfeeding when I began working with WIC. Everything that was being taught I wanted to try with my babies. I wanted to give them the best nutrition possible and have a bond with them. Thankfully for me, breastfeeding was easy – the babies latched on and were hungry. I wasn’t able to enjoy breastfeeding until my last baby when I became a stay-at-home mom. He’s now 14 months and still nursing. He doesn’t seem to be in a rush to stop and neither do I! I love how easy it is to just grab him and feed him. I get more sleep, he gets more sleep, there’s no getting up in the middle of the night to make bottles and I love it. But what I most love is our bond; how we connect day or night! Yes, it’s tiring!! But totally worth it. I know my baby is getting the best milk, thanks to mama!”



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