Leaders in the Maternal and Child Health Field

The National Healthy Start Association (NHSA) is the member organization for the over 100 federally-funded Healthy Start grantees around the country. NHSA is a leader in the maternal and child health (MCH) field, especially in the areas of infant and maternal mortality reduction. NHSA’s mission is to be our nation’s voice in ways that improve birth outcomes and family well-being. We provide the support that makes a positive difference in the health, happiness and lives of babies, moms, dads and families. NHSA operates with a small, but dedicated and passionate team of paid staff, consultants and a volunteer board of directors who are subject matter experts.

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The Federal Healthy Start Initiative

The federally-funded Healthy Start initiative is a program in over 100 communities throughout the United States to reduce infant and maternal mortality and which recognizes the importance of fathers in healthy birth outcomes. NHSA supports the projects through educational activities, annual conference and publications, including a monthly newsletter.

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There are over 100 healthy start programs across the United States and territories offering services to moms, dads and babies.


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Join NHSA in its efforts to promote the development of MCH programs and increase awareness of the issues of infant and maternal mortality, low birthweight and disparities in perinatal health.


A New Initiative: AIM CCI

Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health, Community Care Initiative (AIM CCI)

In 2019, HRSA awarded the National Healthy Start Association a cooperative agreement for a five-year project to support the development and implementation of non-hospital maternal safety bundles within community-based organizations and outpatient clinical settings across the United States that serve communities experiencing high rates of maternal morbidity and mortality. Utilizing bundles, which are small sets of evidence-based practices that improve outcomes, AIM CCI addresses preventable maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity among pregnant and postpartum women outside of hospital and birthing facility settings.

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News and Updates

As NHSA has news and updates to share, we’ll post them here. We’ll also post blog articles and other news from the Healthy Start projects. (Members: send your news and updates to NHSA’s webmaster for publication.)

30 Years of Healthy Start
The Healthy Start Initiative is 30 years old in 2021. To kick off the new website, we’ve asked three projects to provide us their thoughts on “30 Years of Healthy Start,” from their perspective based on when they entered the Healthy Start family. Below are articles from MomsFirst in Cleveland, OH (original), Missouri Bootheel Healthy Start, Sikeston, MO (midway) and University of Houston Healthy Start (“newbie”). We think you will enjoy them!

02 Sep 2022

September is Officially “NIMAM!”

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22 Aug 2022

NHSA on Twitter Spaces: Breastfeeding

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20 Jun 2022

June 2022: Op-Ed, To Improve Maternal Health

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