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COVID-19 Resources: General Information & Professional Resources

NHSA's COVID-19 Resources Lists are now in three categories. This is #1.

We add new posts regularly and delete old posts that may no longer be relevant. We've also started adding the date of a post in parentheses to help us know when it might be time to purge something.
Visit often!


Thic column has general information about the novel coronavirus along with info that health care providers and others will find useful. Note that many of these resources have even more resources! The same is true for the other columns.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) regularly has new information. Here are a few.

Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Practice Advisory, March 2020

ACOG Briefing, Providing Safe Maternity Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic: What the Evidence Tells Us and How Congress Can Help (this is a recording of the briefing held on April 16, 2020)

American Public Health Association (APHA) also regularly has new information. These are some we think are helpful.


COVID-19 Webinar Series

APHA and Public Health Awakened, Crowdsourcing Resources "on all things COVID-19, including MCH"

American Medical Association, COVID-19 Health Equity Resources (06/10/2020)

Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs, COVID-19 Resource Page

Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, UMN, Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center

Center of Excellence in MCAH, COVID-19 Information Repository

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regularly posts new and updated information. Here are some we find useful.

Coronavirus 2019 Situational Summary

CDC has launched a new Weekly COVID-19 Surveillance Report

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has many useful resources on its Current Emergencies page.

Child Trends is another place with some good info. Start here: Supporting Clients in Under-resourced Communities During the COVID-19 Pandemic (has a nice tip sheet)

Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) has several articles on Virtual Case Management During COVID-19.

Georgetown Center for Children and Families, many resources including information on MCH Medicaid policy; click here.

HealthDay, Follow COVID- 19 on the Live Blog

Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), Private Health Coverage of COVID-19 Key Facts and Issues. You'll find many related topics on the KFF website.

March of Dimes, Web Content on COVID-19 with links to CDC

MCH Navigator, National MCH Workforce Development Center, MCH Mini-Course in Resiliency and Adaptive Leadership

Maternal Mental Health Now offers consultation and support to perinatal mental health providers

MedPage Today regularly has good articles about COVID-1. We show the ones we think are the most useful or relevant.

FAQs about COVID-19

How Best to Help Patients Stay Insured During COVID-19?

Lack of Literacy a Barrier to Grasping COVID-19 (06/14/20)

Motherhood Center of New York is offering COVID-19 related webinars

National Association of Community Health Workers, COVID-19 Resources - NACHW

National Center for Families Learning, Breaking Down the CARES Act

Postpartum Support International, Teletherapy & Perinatal Mental Health - a new series to support mental health providers transitioning to virtual services

Vox is another resource that has new information on a regular basis. Here's one: Why COVID-19 is worse than the flu, in one chart

WebMD continuously has new resources. We're posting the ones we think are the most useful, helpful or just plain interesting!

COVID-19 Can Start with Neurological Symptoms (06/30/2020)

As Summer Begins, CDC Updates Social Guidelines (06/17/2020)

Why We Don't Like Being Told What to Do (06/17/2020)

Coronavirus: What We Know Now (06/10/2020)

COVID-19 Symptom Checker

How Long Do Coronaviruses Live on Surfaces

How Long Does It Take After You Are Infected to Get Sick with Coronavirus?

How to Decontaminate When Coming Home (Video)

If Someone in My House Has COVID-19...

Nervous About Returning to Work? COVID-19 Precautions

Smell Diminishes by Day 3 of COVID-19, Study Says

What to Do When Other People Aren't Social Distancing

Creating a Healthy Home Office (video)

Myths and Facts about COVID-19 (video)

Dos and Dont's to Prevent COVID-19 Infection

World Health Organization, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic

The National Healthy Start Associationn is not endorsing or vouching for, has not vetted or evaluated and is not responsible for the quality of services or information provided by third arties. The links provided are for convenience only and are not an endorsement of either the linked-to entity or any product or service.




Coronavirus: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & New Moms


This is #2 of the COVID-19 Resources Lists!

We've started adding the date we post something, to help you know how current it is and also so we know when to purge something.


This column contains material relating to pregnancy and breastfeeding plus some for new moms. As in the other columns, many of these resources have more resources in them! Much new information has been made available since we started these Resource Lists. Some of the older information is outdated, so we are removing it. Visit regularly, as we post new infomation when it comes our way.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) published a "Practice Advisory" on COVID-19 on March 13, 2020. Here is the link for this detailed resource paper: https://www.acog.org/Clinical-Guidance-and-Publications/Practice-Advisories/Practice-Advisory-Novel-Coronavirus2019

ACOG and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) Joint Statement, Recent Developments Regarding COVID-19 and Pregnant Women

ACOG, American Academy of Family Physicians, American College of Nurse Midwives and SMFM Joint Statement, Patient-Centered Care for Pregnant Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Link to the materials for the March 12, 2020, CDC webinar with information on COVID-19 as it relates to pregnant women: https://emergency.cdc.gov/coca/calls/2020/callinfo_031220.asp

4th Trimester Project, Coronavirus for New Moms

Baby Basics book: The What to Expect Project wants to help and knows that the Baby Basics books are a great resource. Click here to order books. If you need assistance to pay by check, call 646-306-2116

Before and Beyond, Getting Pregnant - or Not - During the Time of Coronavirus

Bloom Foundation, The Mom Support Group (virtual peer-to-peer support group)

California Preterm Birth Initiative, COVID-19 Guidelines for Providers and Pregnant People

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have lots of great resources. Here are just a few:

Link to the materials from the March 12, 2020, CDC webinar with info on COVID-19 as it relates to pregnant women: https://emergency.cdc.gov/coca/calls/2020/callinfo_031220.asp




This one is from the Bureau of Primary Care, Health Resources & Services Administration:


Evidence-Based Birth, Birthing in the Time of COVID-19 (This is a video on options during COVID-19)

Group Peer Support offers virtual support groups with different themes

March of Dimes, New Moms Need Blog:

English: https://newsmomsneed.marchofdimes.org/hot-topics/5-things-to-know-about-the-new-coronavirus-and-pregnancy


Spanish: http://blog.nacersano.org/complicaciones-y-riesgos/que-puede-hacer-para-ayudar-a-prevenir-la-enfermedad-de-coronavirus/


March of Dimes, COVID-19: Things to Know if You're Pregnant

March of Dimes hosts a weekly Facebook Series, Healthy Moms, Strong Babies

Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) has good info. that gets updated regularly. Start here; each one has more links to check out:

MCHB Grantee: Frequently Asked Questions

Home Visitor Mitigation of Risk

MomsWell, Virtual Support Groups for Expecting and New Moms

Motherhood Center's Virtual Day Treatment Program (for expecting or postpartum moms)

Motherhood Collective offers short videos (2-10 minutes) on topics related to COVID-19

MotherToBaby,  COVID-19 in Pregnancy & Breastfeeding (links to specific articles)

Postpartum Support International offers weekly online support meetings

Scientific American, Keeping Pregnant Women Safe During the Pandemic

Smart Mother's Guide, Five Things Pregnant Women Should Know about the Coronavirus

UNICEF, Navigating Pregnancy During the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic

WebMD, Being Pregnant Doesn't Increase COVID-19 Risk (06/10/2020)

What to Expect, What to Know about Corinavirus If You're Pregnant

What to Expect Project has all sorts of helpful coronavirus-related articles. Click here to go to their Coronvirus News page. Here's one example: Coronavirus and Breastfeeding: What Nursing Moms Should Know about COVID-19

NHSA is not endorsing or vouching for, has not vetted or evaluated, and is not responsible for the quality of services or information provided by third parties. The links are proviided for convenience only and are not an endorsement of either the linked-to entity or any product or services.




CORONAVIRUS: "Special Populations"


This is #3 of the COVID-19 Resource Lists

We've started adding the date of a post so you'll know how current it is. It will also make it easier for us to know when to purge something.


This column is sorted by different populations or categories of interest. Once again, many of these resources have many more resources, so we encourage you to click away!

CHILDREN (A = Activities to do with the kids; G = General information about COVID-19 and kids)

(A) Amazing Educational Resources, comprehensive and ever growing list for parents to use while home schooling or to manage cabin fever

(G) American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), COVID-19 Less Severe in Children than Adults: Study

(G) AAP, Professional resources and news (updated regularly with new articles)

(G) AAP, Open access to their Pediatric COVID-19 Collection

(G) American Heart Assiociation/Voices for Kids: Coronavirus Resources You Can Use

(G) Annie E. Casey Foundation, Tips to Help Young Parents Cope During the Coronavirus Pandemic

(A) Camp Corona: click this link for virtual activities, online learning and more

(G) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), COVID-19 and Children

(A) CDC, Coping After a Disaster - A Ready Wrigley activity book for children age 3-10

(A) Chameleon, a game for kids older than 13

(G) Child Trends, Resources for Supporting Children's Emotional Well-being during the COVID-19 Pandemic

(G) Early Childhood Development Action Network, resources, action statements and more; click here.

First Focus on Children has several pieces of interest; below are just two. Click here for their "Coronavirus Hub."

(G) The COVID-19 Crisis is Catstrophic for Children, Too

(G) COVID-19: How the Health of Children is at Stake

(G) HealthDay, Stomach Ills May Signal COVID-19 in Kids

(A) Houseparty, a face-to-face social connection

(A) HP Print, Play and Learn! is a curation of 400 printables: worksheets by age groups, coloring pages, puzzles and crafts. It's not just for kids! Check it out here.

(A) Marco Polo, an app to stay in touch with families and friends

(G) MedPageToday

Kids During Lockdown: Is Another Epidemic About to Be Revealed? (06/10/2020)

Are Kids Still Getting Their Shots? (Quiz on this and other topics, some COVID-19 related and some not)

(G) National Association of School Psychologists, Helping Children Cope with Changes Resulting from COVID-19

(A) National Center for Fathering, COVID Cabin-Fever? 10 Ways to Connect with Your Kids

(A) NHSA, Resource List for Kids & Children

(A) NPR, Just for KIds: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus

(G) Nonprofit Quarterly, The Childcare Crisis: To Reopen, We Must Recommit

(G) Online Counseling Programs, Ultimate Guide to Mental Health and Education Resources for KIds and Teens

(G) Positive Parenting Newsfeed has several resources; most include videos, some are in Spanish:

Talking to Kids about Coronavirus

Strategies to Fight Trauma and Stress in Kids

Coronavirus Causing Money Worries? How to Protect Your Kids' Well-being

How to Manage Kids-COVID-19 Stress

Keep Kids Learning at Home During COVID-19

Mental Healthy Hygiene During COVID-19

Will Homeschooling Hurt Students' Learning?

(G) ProPublica, What Parents Should Know about Coronavirus as Kids Return to Babysitters, Days Cares and Camps

(A) Reviews.com has a guide for outdoor activities with tips to help ease parents' minds while their kids play outside. The guide includes tips on creating a safe outdoor space to play, how to effectively monitor kids from a distance and potential risks to watch out for. Check it out: https://www.reviews.com/home/security-systems/outdoor-safety-tips-for-children

(A) Rotterdam Orchestra, Beethoven's 9th Played from their Homes

(A) Many of America's and the world's finest orchestras have composed a video of the musicians playing from their homes. Kids might find it really interesting to see how this is done. Put any orchestra's name into your search engine and see if they have a video. Here's one more to get you started: Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

(A) Throw Throw Burrito - for 2-6 players, ages 7+

(G) WebMD:

Outdoor Swimming Pools Not a COVID-19 Risk: Expert (06/10/2020)

U.S. Surgeon General: Safety Advice for Summer Activities (06/10/2020) (Video)

Best Ways to Help KIds Through the Pandemic

Quarantine Having Lasting Impact on Kids' Health

Pandemic Has Overburdended Parents Stressed Out

How "Blue's Clues & You!" Content is Helping Parents and Children During the Pandemic (video)

(G) Zero to Three has many resources; check them out here.


Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, HRSA (this gets updated periodically), FORHP FAQs for COVID-19

National Conference on State Legislatures, podcast, COVID-19: Health Care in Rural America

Rural Health Information Hub, Rural Response to Coronavirus Disease 2019

The Daily Yonder has many articles. Start here.

US Department of Agriculture, Federal Rural Resource Guide

Vox, The Coronavirus May Hit Rural America Harder - and Later


Men's Health, I'm Raising a Newborn in Self-Isolation

Men's Health, What Experts Say You Should Do If You're Exposed to the Coronavirus


American Public Health Association (APHA), COVID-19 Guidance for At-Risk Populations

CDC, COVID-19 in Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups

Community Health Sciences School of Public Health, UIC, When Home Does Not Offer Shelter: Partner Violence in the Time of Pandemics

New York Times, A New COVID-19 Crisis: Domestic Abuse Rises Worldwide


Audible Classic Books (good classics for free and for all ages!)

Banff Mountain Film Festival, free series of this year's winners; click here

Corepower Yoga is offering free virtual classes

Good Housekeeping, 25+ Fitness Studios and Gyms Offering Life-Stream Workouts During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Google's Arts & Cultures team's virtual tour of some of America's most beautiful national parks; click here

Half Baked Harvest for great recipes - or just look at the photos of beautiful food!

MedPage Today, Staying Sane and Current on COVID-19

National Alliance on Mental Illness, How to Protect Your Mental Health During the Coronavirus Outbreak

New York Times, Eco-therapeutic Meditation in 10 Steps

Open offers pay-what-you-can virtual meditation classes

Patrick McKeown's Coronavirus Free Breathing Exercises

WebMD has good information. Here are some to start:

How to Cope When COVID Steals Loving Touch, Hugs (06/17/2020)

Slideshow: How to Quiet Your Mind (06/10/2020)

Slideshow: Coronavirus Quarantine: Healthy Actions to Help You Feel Better

Tips for Better Sleep During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Risk Factor You Can Control

The Physical Effects of Stress

Different Ways to Isolate from Coronavirus

NHSA is not endorsing or vouching for, has not vetted or evaluated, and is not responsible for the quality of services or information provided by third parties. The links are provided for convenience only and are not an endorsement of either the linked-to entity or any product or service.

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